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Generating effective email leads for your merchant finance business can be a difficult task, especially when your current investment in in-house marketing strategies has not yielded the desired returns. Being in the merchant financing industry for more than a decade now, we understand your limitations. Therefore, we pitch in as a solutions provider to help you deliver the leads that meet your business needs and goals.

Lead generation


Our rich experience in the business-to-business marketing domain allows us to provide quality leads who are genuinely interested in working capital solutions to our clients and this in turn has helped our clients to grow. Our core lies in providing direct mail, lists, and leads services to clients to help them generate the best prospects for their businesses. We follow a client-centric approach to deliver the best merchant cash advance leads for your business.

  • We have always invested in and maintained promising business relationships that often serve as our resource of lead generation. We work with 5 of the top ten funders in the merchant finance industry and our business grows as we pursue targets and deliver as promised.
  • A vast number of direct mail pieces are sent each month to constantly target small to mid-sized business owners. Once that is done, we closely track them to measure the current market trends. Following those trends, we also refresh our ma il pieces and showcase new products aimed at generating the desired inbound responses.
  • We also have a set selection criteria for choosing businesses for our leads. Only businesses that verify $350,000 or more as annual sales revenue and have an experience of more than one year in business are chosen.
  • We have well-organized call centers that are focused on gathering all business related information throughout the country to provide quality data for your telemarketing needs and direct mail campaigns.
  • Our proprietary software captures all the recently filed Merchant Cash Advance and Equipment Financing UCCs from the Secretary of State and county records. These lists are a great way to capture hot leads looking for an additional cash advance.

With a focused approach to help our clients achieve their business goals, we consistently deliver fresh and unique merchant cash advance leads that actually convert. To learn more about our various mail campaigns and data lists for the merchant funding business, please visit www.merchantfinancingleads.com.



In order to keep your business attuned to the required growth strategies, finding the right resources is key. Only when you target a useful and effective source for the purpose of generating your merchant cash advance leads do you get the results as planned. Making use of UCC lists or data to get through the required merchant cash advance leads is one such unique strategy that gives you the competitive edge and helps your business stand out. These lists prove to be a productive way of targeting sources to generate business leads when it comes to hunting for effective business leads.

The Competitive Advantage

UCC lists are different, because they have the details of business owners who have, at some point in time, procured a cash advance. Due to their cash advance history, there is a certain advantage that can be leveraged. These business owners can be targeted again because it is very likely that they might want to obtain a business loan now. As is the nature of small, growing businesses, they’re always looking for funds to support their business and grow. The leads contacted via UCC lists are usually genuinely looking to partner with you. Other business lists do not offer this edge and convenience. UCC lists are different because the business owners listed therein very well understand the concept of alternative financing. They have gone through the entire process during some point in the past and are well versed with the details of the process.

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Quality of Data

The credibility of sources presented in UCC lists is greater than other sources which helps with a good conversion ratio. The lists are obtained from Secretary of State Records in order to provide the most recently filed merchant cash advance UCC records. With the help of the data gathered we find all the relevant and critical business and contact information which is then affixed to the records file. These records are of high quality and guaranteed to be 93% accurate as far as the contacts and addresses of those listed are concerned.

Minute Details

The claims regarding the rate of success of UCC data are possible because of what the data really consists of in depth. Typically, these records comprise the first and last name of the business contact along with the contact’s whereabouts and location details. It also mentions the company’s name, telephone numbers, mailing address, city as well as the state details along with the zip code. The records also mention the SIC code and description, the employees’ complete information, estimated sales volume, the filing day, month, and year, as well as the secured party name, which is essentially the name of the company that filed the UCC.

The UCC data is valuable as it has worked well for various marketing campaigns and is therefore a sought after resource. Telemarketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, offering additional cash advances, postcard mailings, refinancing merchant cash advances, and offering additional merchant services benefit a lot making use of this data.

Quality leads are the backbone of any industry. Companies spend thousands of dollars to strengthen their sales and marketing departments yet are still not able to achieve the desired results. In today’s world, it is quite difficult to find prospective clients without spending money on strong marketing initiatives. And when it comes to Merchant Cash Advance companies, finding a prospect often costs more money than it’s worth.

Quality MCA LeadsThe best idea to grow a merchant cash advance company is to purchase leads from a company that has built its business on solving the problem for you. But you have to make sure that the leads you purchase are authentic, fresh and capable of getting you the expected return on the investment you need. A competent merchant cash advance leads provider can get you cost-efficient leads with a good return on your investment with the following benefits.

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Benefits of purchasing Leads from Merchant Financing Leads Provider

There is no need to spend extra money on marketing and branding activities in order to find leads. By doing this, you only exhaust your energies and resources that ultimately get you to nothing. You often do not hit the right business owners and even when you are able to do so, they’re not as promising. Rather than wasting your critical resources and time in pursuing leads, it would be far more beneficial for you to purchase effective leads from a reputable company that can ensure your business is catered to exactly the way you’ve been looking for.

Marketing activities often yield results at a very slow pace. Waiting for results to come up can waste your crucial time and incur undue losses for your business. Signing up for a campaign with a qualified leads service provider will give you instant leads which can be easily converted.

Companies like Merchant Financing Leads rigorously work toward maintaining accurate data that is always filtered and authenticated before it is served to the clients. Using such data, will not only lift the burden of you filtering data by making bogus calls but will also save time which will help you maintain focus on your core work tasks in business.

There are many options that each have different benefits. You can choose to get your data generated from Pay per call direct leads, UCC lists or B2B database lists.

Another unique benefit about working with such leads providers is that you get to be a part of the campaign and are able to track the progress via online access provided by the company where you can review the reports including call details, duration of the call etc.

So go ahead and take the leap, assured leads to support your business are right around the corner.

To get started and take the leap with us, contact us here http://www.merchantfinancingleads.com.

Most businessmen will agree to the fact that lead generation for merchant cash advances is arguably one of the most difficult parts of the Merchant Cash Advance business.

Amidst the current economic climate, traditional banks appear to have been avoiding the activity of lending to small businesses. While this may have led many businessmen into trouble, it has also opened up a host of opportunities for alternative lenders to barge in and replete the gap created by the lack of funding sources.

However, not all leads providers are able to provide you the needed support to fill the gaps and more often than not, you might find yourself chasing businesses who are not interested in partnering with you.

Here are some insights into how we work at arranging merchant cash advance leads for you by executing and employing industry leading recommended best practices.

Sources of Cash Advance Leads

Pay per Call Direct Mail Leads:

Using this method, the effort is geared towards generating qualified inbound calls from business owners who manage a minimum of $350,000 as part of their annual sales and have been in business for at least more than a year. These leads are priced on a Pay per Call basis and we confidently guarantee a minimum number of calls with every campaign.

UCC Lists:

These lists are the smartest and most effective telemarketing lists for merchant cash advance companies. These lists carry data of people who have at some point in the past availed cash advances and are likely to avail them again. You can also select the time frame from when these advances were taken out.

Business Owner Lists:

Our nationwide coverage of Business to Business lists is aimed at targeting small business owners who process $10,000 or more in credit card receipts every month. That way, we ensure that the businesses we approach are the most lucrative ones.

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How to Target Just the Right Businesses

Tested and Examined Mail Pieces:

With decades of experience into engineering marketing programs for various financial service firms, it has become our expertise to successfully generate qualified inbound responses without strategizing much on the conditions.

Targeted business lists:

We deliberately mail to businesses that have generated at least $350,000 or more in annual revenue and have been in business for more than a year.

Constant Testing, Evaluation and Elaboration:

No matter how well the mail pieces are written, they eventually wear out with time and stop drawing the desired responses. On a Pay per Call, however, if the mail pieces do not work, you will not bear the cost for it. We keep testing fresh and innovative selections in our effort to bring the best creative mail pieces to market for our clients.

By employing the above mentioned best practices, if you work with us you will no longer have to fight your way to acquire fresh leads or worry about reworking your marketing strategy. You can gladly invest that time and energy to focus on your core business instead and prosper. If you are interested in this service, you can reach us at http://www.merchantfinancingleads.com.

Making the decision to pick a lead generation service provider for Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) deals can be a difficult task mainly because distinguishing between quality lead providers and what others in the industry offer requires a lot of due diligence and research. It is not unusual if you feel at the first glance that all service providers have the same services and working style. However, a deeper analysis of the options available will help you differentiate well between service providers that are less experienced and those that have waded through the waters well. Such experienced service providers know the industry trends better than anyone and have therefore, developed some best practices that give them a competitive advantage.

A strong quality of effective leads service providers is that they are extremely thorough with the fundamentals used to achieve a successful business deal. They realize the importance of speaking with the business owners who are most interested in working with you. Over the years, they have mastered the art of actively pursuing a cash advance loan. Therefore, when selecting a business loan leads service provider, you must first examine the provider’s client strategy to see if it is strong enough. It will help you to determine the right lead generation service provider.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when choosing a leads generation service provider:

Strong Inbound Marketing

It is important that your leads service provider employs a vast database, which is updated regularly and is complete with clients’ information collected from relevant sources. This helps ensure that you will have constant access to a variety of good clients, which in turn will increase your chances of converting more leads.

Constant Real Time Tracking

The job does not end at just collecting and providing leads. Since only a small percentage of these leads will end up doing business with you, it is important that the service provider helps you keep track of prospective leads results, and becomes your partner in your quest to convert leads.

Professional Tailored Lists

Your leads service provider should know how to make the lists of prospective clients in a professional and careful manner so that the right clients can be directed to the right service provider and ensure an extremely low error rate. The refining and customization of the list is indeed important as it saves time and increases the conversion rate.

Effective Business Communication

The lead generation services that you do business with can make or break a deal for you. Communication is a vital point that must be taken into consideration while working with lead providers. It is important that the service provider you choose is able to recognize your business goals as well as the kind of business contacts you are trying to attract and convert.

An important factor to be taken into consideration while making your decision is to see if you are comfortable working with a particular service provider. A strong collaboration for your business pursuits is critical and therefore, it is important that you and your service provider are able to partner well with each other and live up to the expectations.

If you feel your business requires the help of an effective leads service provider, contact us to give that needed boost to your business. www.merchantfinancingleads.com.

Buying leads rather than pursuing them yourself is an effective technique in business as then you don’t have to worry about merchant cash advance marketing or advertising pressures. Merchant Financing Leads offers a multitude of services, so they are always looking for ways to completely target leads that are warm and ready to buy what you can sell them. Marketing your business can be tough on you if you have little experience or knowledge on what to do. So, its time you said no to the kind of marketing that leads to zero or little results and decide that you will let the experts do it for you.

We have done it and we know that it’s not easy to dig out new customers for cash advance. Therefore, UCC lists prove quite beneficial when it comes to finding merchant cash advance UCC lists or data. A UCC list contains details of individuals who have availed cash advance in the past, and could be looking for more money at present. The most lucrative factor here is that these leads are already gentle, unlike other business lists available outside of this league. A major reason for this is that the business owner already understands how alternative financing works because they have obtained funding in the past and are therefore, well versed with the way things work.

With our proprietary software, Merchant Financing Leads can offer you UCC data at the lowest cost per record in the industry. The UCC data we derive outperforms all other lists available therein because of the reliability of sources and the conversion ratio. And, we say this with confidence because our system scrubs all Secretary of State Records searching for the latest filed merchant cash advance UCC records. It then appends all relevant and crucial business and contact information to the file. All the UCC records that we pull out are guaranteed to be 93% accurate in terms of the contacts and addresses of the listed people. If at all your list contains a higher percentage, all you have to really do is let us know, and we will replace them for you, without any charge.

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Our competent UCC data carries the first and last name of the contact as well as the whereabouts. It also contains the company’s name, phone numbers, mailing address, city and state information along with the zip code. Next, it includes the SIC code and description; the employees’ information; estimated sales volume; the filing day, month, and year; as well as the secured party name (the name of the company that filed the UCC).

The UCC records will prove highly beneficial to you for campaigns such as, telemarketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, and postcard mailings, refinancing merchant cash advances, offering additional cash advances, and offering additional merchant services. Buying leads is effective because your task then remains to simply pay for the leads, quickly avail them when you need them, and reap the benefits with your calculated ROI.

As commercial credit markets stiffen up, obtaining a loan or working capital for business has become very difficult and the market for offering them has dried up. Although, with merchant cash advances available, businesses do have the option of a sustainable alternative to a business loan that is fast and reliable too. When offering this type of financing, the leads generation service provider you choose is a decision that you should base on key factors. Choose your service provider on the basis of the work they do and the techniques they employ. Below are a few proven strategies that we follow and that are also considered industry’s best practices.

Leveraging Industry Experience

With more than a decade of experience of providing direct mailing and list services we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the quality leads you are looking for. The leads we procure are first scanned for credibility as per special set criteria and then phone verified by one of our agents to confirm the information and ensure quality. We guarantee that our leads will outperform any other internet lead. Our experienced team has an extensive knowledge of the sales cycle and the industries we service because of which we understand your business requirements and can put together a lead proposal that fits your budget and yields the ROI you anticipate.

Tested and Proven Mail Pieces

Leveraging decades of experience of developing merchant cash advance marketing programs for a variety of financial service firms, we have gathered a reservoir of knowledge and expertise to help you in your search for quality leads. Over the years, we have mastered the technique of generating qualified inbound responses. Our data and direct mail specialists can guide you through the process and have you up and running within a week of you tying up with us. Your sales people will be excited and your office will be buzzing.

Targeted Business Lists

Our targeted business lists prove extremely beneficial when it comes to finding new customers. We specifically mail to businesses that have at least $350,000 or more in annual revenue and have been operational in business for at least one year. The leads we target are already warm, unlike leads that belong to other business lists. In our case, the business owners are already aware and understand how alternative financing works because they have obtained some kind of business funding in the past.

No Cold Calling

We make sure that the calls we make to the merchants as are prospective leads, these are not cold calls. Rather, we draw all of their contact information prior to approaching them and find out with certainty that they either have a cash advance at present or have taken one in the past. Therefore, the chances of roping them in increase automatically as there are few last moment surprises. When presenting yourself and your program, you can do so in a way that the conversation is more of a follow-up call rather than a cold call.

Constant Testing, Measuring and Refinement

Even the most well-drafted and appropriate mail pieces wear out over the course of time, and eventually stop drawing response. We are always testing unique and creative selections in our attempt to bring the best of the mail pieces to market for our clients.

Pay per Call Marketing Services

By implementing our Pay per Call lead program, we connect you with merchants who are interested in obtaining funds for their business. Our service helps you achieve exclusive inbound leads, risk free marketing, and real time tracking. It generates exclusive inbound calls from business owners inquiring about a merchant cash advance or working capital for their business. Risk free marketing eliminates the risk of direct mail marketing by providing you a guaranteed number of inbound responders on every campaign. You have the access to real time tracking and reporting that will enable you to gauge the success of each campaign and hold your sales reps accountable.

Working with the right merchant cash advance leads service provider can help you generate a steady flow of real time cash advance leads to your business. With each lead phone verified to ensure quality, we will render your business with a consistent flow of solid leads and make sure you never fall short.